From its beginnings CROMSA has developed coherent and responsible policies as to quality, safety, environment and society are referred.


The quality system ensures the participation of all the team in order to achieve permanent and continuous improvement. The full involvement of human and technical resources seeks compliance with the commitments made to achieve total client confidence

The development of the Quality Policy is made at all stages of the construction process:

  • In study and analysis phase of the project, providing quality technical improvements
  • In execution phase, ensuring the quality level according to client requirements
  • In reception phase, verifying the agreed qualities


The objetives of the Quality Policy are:

  • Improving the quality of the services offered to our clients
  • Increasing client satisfaction
  • Training our staff properly
  • Increasing the quality of service providers



The Safety Prevention System, in continuous improvement thanks to the collaboration of all the team, is based on the principles of:

  • Avoiding risks
  • Assessing the risks that cannot be avoided
  • Combating the risks that cannot be avoided
  • Adapting the work to the individual
  • Safety evolving according to the technique
  • Replacing dangerous activities by other nonhazardous
  • Planning safety through planning for prevention
  • Taking measures to putting the collective over individual protection
  • Giving appropriate instructions to workers


The objectives of Prevention Policy Safety are:

  • Involving all staff of the company, partners, clients, project managers, coordinators, suppliers and any agent related to the construction process
  • Promoting implementation of prevention
  • Encouraging the prevention training
  • Developing the monitoring of prevention in business activity



The environmental management system, in continuous revision, ensures the participation of the whole team in the continuous improvement of processes to achieve maximum efficiency.

The development of the environmental policy is made in all phases of the construction process:

  • In study and analysis phase of the project, suggesting variants of less impact
  • In execution phase, using construction techniques that reduce waste generation, enhance reuse and facilitate conservation
  • In reception stage, establishing improvements in maintenance management


The objectives of the Environmental Policy are:

  • Perform actions to improve energy efficiency
  • Reducing the impact on the environment through proper management of resources and waste
  • Minimizing pollution of our construction process
  • Making sustainable processes


Social responsibility

Social Responsibility Policy completes our firm pledge of commitment to the integration of disadvantaged groups by:

  • The promotion of hiring companies that employ people at risk of social exclusion
  • The collaboration with local employment of people with disabilities
  • The collaboration with organizations that promote the occupancy of socially discriminated groups


The objectives of the Social Responsibility Policy are:

  • Facilitating the employment of students by school-enterprise agreement or university-industry
  • Facilitating the integration of people with disabilities, or at risk of social exclusion

As a result of the Social Responsibility Policy followed, the company has won the award INTEGREMP.